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How You Can Improve Both Patient & Employee Satisfaction With vein finder!

Vein finder is an innovative device that applies our patented infrared technology to detect subcutaneous veins. With a simple click of a switch, it provides you with a graphic vein map. With a visual vein map to follow, the first stick rate of your staff will increase appreciably.

Hard to Find Vein? - Find AIMVEIN

Reduce 2nd Sticks by 65%! Time Saved > 12s

Why Choose AIMVEIN?


3 Colors Imaging

With a simple click of the button, change from blue and white to red and to red and green. These different color combinations enable AIMVEIN to work across all skin colors.

Bright, Clear View

Bright, Vivid Veinmap

The brightness of Vein Finder can be adjusted to achieve an exceptionally accurate picture of the patient’s vein irrespective of the difficulty level of vascular positioning.


No-harm for Eyes

Vein Finder can be used safely with the naked eye, it does not cause eye fatigue. This is an attribution of the harmless infrared light technology that the device uses.


One-Key Operation

With a simple touch of the control button, the device will be switched on and off. The sleep mode also will save battery life and electricity bills.

Portable Size

AIMVEIN has a very small size and lightweight. This makes it easy to carry. The entire device weighs only 280g.

Accurate & Depth View

Vein Finder focuses automatically by default. This makes it easy to get the focal distance from the surface of the skin that will give the best picture. Moreover, subcutaneous veins up to the depth of 10mm can be viewed with this device.


Hand-held Vein Finder, Enhancer & Stand

AIMVEIN PRO is a Hands-Free vein finder. Hand-held vein finder with enhancer and stand, applies the advanced infrared technology to provide a more detailed map of patient’s vein of hand to your personnel. With this device, the best veins can be located and hit with the first stick. Consequently, the pressure on your personnel will decrease while the satisfaction level of your patients will increase significantly.


Hand held vein finder, enhancer & stand

Aimvein PRO


Hands-free & Enhancer Options.

1. Hand Held Vein Finder

AIMVEIN SE-handheld vein finder has been tried and tested by thousands of healthcare institutions. It has been proven to be one of the best in the industry.

2. Ehancer

The rotate knob can manually finetune the image projection to the clearest level.

3. High Lever Knob

The rotate high level knob is used to stretch the base rod. This enables the base rod to be elongated to the highest position.

4. High Fine-tuning Knob

A more precise fine-tuning of the base rod is achieved by adjusting the high fine-tuning knob.

Hard to Find Vein? - Find AIMVEIN

Reduce 2nd sticks by 65%! Time Saved >12s

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